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In the ever-changing medical landscape, the efficiency of logistical processes in hospitals is becoming increasingly important. Efficiency and ergonomics can very often be improved. For decades, Hupfer has also stood for optimisation of logistical processes in medical facilities. Efficient storage, goods distribution, cleaning, disinfection, packaging, sterilisation and transport of vital goods is of crucial importance in hospital and sterile goods logistics. Hupfer specialises in optimising these critical areas to ensure an optimal logistics cycle.

Sterilisation of medical instruments and equipment is crucial for patient safety. Hupfer offers innovative sterile logistics solutions that not only increase efficiency but also comply with strict hygiene standards. Hupfer is proud to be a reliable partner for hospitals worldwide. We understand the specific requirements and challenges faced by medical facilities and develop tailor-made solutions for you. From intelligent storage optimisation to state-of-the-art sterilisation solutions, Hupfer offers a wide range of products and services that make hospital operations even more efficient and ergonomic.
We are the Efficiency Creators.


Stainless steel
Build to last: Stainless steel is a unique material that can be virtually infinitely recycled. Today, we already use 85% recycled materials in production.
Sustainable energy: In 2023, we will commission a photovoltaic system in addition to our block-type thermal power station, thereby securing our energy supply in the long term and saving up to 85 tonnes of CO2 per year.
Machinery park
More is less: We consistently invest in our machinery park. The Ventis laser we acquired in 2022 alone saves over 90 tons of CO2 annually and has a significantly positive impact on Hupfer's productivity.

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An insight into our smart Hupfer products

Transport trolley for endoscopy

OUR NEW SUPERHERO The endoscopy cart from Hupfer.


It's all about the details. As a specialist in sterile goods logistics, we at Hupfer work to optimise your process chain to the maximum. With the new transport cart made for endoscopes, we guarantee the usual process quality for endoscopes and, of course, have the details in mind.


Endoscopy cart

  • Reliable protection of your valuable endoscopes thanks to closed design.
  • High stability and durability thanks to complete stainless steel construction.
  • Safe storage due to self-engaging door with sturdy stainless steel hinges, 2-point locking system, transport latch and sealing option in the upper door area.
  • Optimum dust protection for the sterile goods due to stop bar, cart profiling and hygienic lip seals.
  • Effective protection of cart and walls due to dimensionally stable chassis and circumferential bumpers.
  • Effortless transport thanks to two swivel castors (including locks) and two fixed castors with stainless steel housing (diameter 160 mm each).

MORE SPEED IN THE PACKING AREA Medical conveyors from Hupfer

Förderband Banner

With the Hupfer conveyor system, you can bring speed into your process chain. The system transports instrument baskets from the unload area of the cleaning and disinfecting device to the packing areas and from there to the sterilization areas. This not only speeds up the manual transport of empty and full baskets in this area, but also the entire cycle of sterile goods. Best of all: The conveyor system can be individually tailored to your needs


Conveyor system

  • Tailor-made to your needs.
  • Work like on an assembly line: very fast and efficient work.
  • Integration of basket stackers, packing tables and transport trolleys.
  • Maximum ergonomics.

SAFE, SECURE, STACKING IN MINIMAL SPACE. Hupfer's latest basket dispenser for ISO/SPRI sterile goods baskets


Ergonomic working on the smallest surface. The new, size-optimised basket dispenser requires a minimum of space for maximum performance. Made entirely of high-quality stainless steel, the height-adjustable platform guarantees ergonomic working conditions at all times.With the new Hupfer basket stacker you enjoy the highest possible flexibility. This also applies to the sterile goods baskets. Whether SPRI or ISO sterile goods baskets – together with the basket dispenser both cut a fine figure. It is best to order the baskets suitable for your requirements directly.


Basket dispenser

  • Ergonomic and constant dispensing height due to adjustable stainless steel tension spring system.
  • Four solid corner bumpers protect dispenser, equipment and employees.
  • Four swivel castors with a diameter of 125 mm ensure precise maneuverability, while two locks ensure a secure grip.
  • For SPRI or ISO sterile goods baskets.


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